My fellow aliens! We have arrived in orbit over this tiny blue planet the locals call Earth, and now we will liberate these insignificant creatures from their own flesh and blood -- by eating it!
Press on, press on against the incoming attacks! Always move back and forth in your prescribed formations, as is befitting a force of our power! Heed not your fellow soldiers dying around you. We will conquer!

A or left arrow for left, D or right arrow for right. move to sides of screen to try and conquer the planet, earning as many points as possible!

This little game was developed as a part of Ludum Dare 25. The theme of the 48-hour game jam was "You Are The Villain," and my friend Dan "The Hammer" Hamamura helped me come up with this idea. I was originally hoping to make this for the competition, but time and interest haven't held out, honestly. It was my first attempt at working in Javascript, and I used the great Crafty.js framework to code it. I learned a whole lot about Crafty and Java, though in the end, it was probably a bad idea to try and take on a new framework during a game jam like this.

Oh well, I'll get 'em next time. In the meantime, I'll still work on this a bit (I want to add some kind of attack, and probably more enemies, and maybe some power-ups). But otherwise, just enjoy it for little bit of fun I put in! Thanks!